Photo Credit: Maximillian Tortoriello

Photo Credit: Maximillian Tortoriello

Yuka Uehara, Creative Director

Yuka Uehara is a Japanese-born, San Francisco-based fashion designer. 

Originally a medical student, Uehara began working in design when her father, filmmaker Ryuji Fukuyama, hired her to work in the costume department of his productions.

She has been working in fashion ever since, teaching herself both design and craft. Film and storytelling still informs her creative practice as she is a firm believer in the relationship between costume and character. " Fashion sends a message about who you are and where you come from." It is for that reason that Uehara has a close bond with her clients, making items that work in harmony with their personas, strengthen their narratives. " Every woman is the protagonist of her own story," Uehara exclaims, " Fashion is there to encourage that."

This dedication to personal expression and empowerment is reflected in Uehara's craft. She has developed a largely instinctual work process and creates primarily on intuition, manipulating her material directly through painting and hand-sewing. Her items are a mix of modern artistry and traditional craftsmanship with each piece becoming its own work of art, passionately blurring the lines between fashion, sculpture, and painting.